Why Our Digital Microfilm Solutions Are Helpful

We offer the best in digital microfilm solutions. The more you understand why this is a service you need to try out, the more you’ll see that it will work well for you. Anyone that has microfilm still needs to read below to find out more.

Microfilm is a lot of work to use. You have to load it into your equipment after you track down the exact pieces of film you want to look at. When you go digital, you are then able to sort everything and can find what you need in just seconds. Even if you have to scan through a few files first, it will be a lot easier to do this on a digital device. You don’t have to load anything up, you just have to turn on your device and click on a file to check it out after working with us.

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Film isn’t the safest way to store important documents. For instance, if it’s where you have put some blueprints for different projects that you’d like to save for much later, chances are they will eventually not be readable. With digital files, you can store them in a lot of different locations, and it’s really easy to make sure they are safe. Not only that, but you can encrypt files so that they are not possible for others to take. Ask us about the different file formats we can work with for you and chances are this will be something you can benefit from no matter what device type you have.

There are a lot of digital microfilm solutions on the market. You can get a lot of assistance from us no matter what your level of skill is with using this type of medium. Start by contacting us today and you’ll get to know what your options are.