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Scan Microfiche And Microfilm Preserve Valuable Documents

By Chris Ferrer

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The effort to scan microfiche and microfilm helps government agencies, libraries, and individuals redirect time and money and repurpose space. Because so much paper continues to be generated yearly, storing it effectively can be a hassle. Additionally, the scanning process can help preserve fragile or damaged documents.

Since paper tends to be damaged by water, humidity or pollutants in the atmosphere, treasured print materials are sometimes compromised. It used to be that archiving massive quantities of magazines, journals, and newspapers was best done on film. However, with digital imaging technology better and quicker ways have been introduced.

Employees often spend a lot of time looking through shelves or boxes to find documents on film. This is not an effective use of time or resources. Since computer hard drives and other storage devices like CDs and DVDs can hold a lot of information, much more data is stored. Also, once printed data is scanned and indexed competently, a particular document should be found in a couple of seconds instead of a couple of hours.

One of the benefits of digital imaging is that no additional equipment is required to read the scanned and indexed documents. Anyone with a computer or smart telephone can access and read the images. The imaging process can be completed offsite or onsite if individuals are concerned about the safety of their data.

Another benefit of digitizing film is the variety of convertible documents. Standard sized documents like letters and memos, or smaller documents like receipts and photographs can be converted. Bill of lading forms and architectural blueprints are other types of documents that can be scanned and re-imaged. Often if documents are damaged in some way, the imaging process can usually restore quality and make it easier to view.

Many people may be thinking twice about parting with valuable documents because they are worried if their treasures are secure. However, most reputable imaging companies know how to prevent data from being damaged, lost, or stolen, some companies stake their reputations on it. People who live in areas prone to damage from floods or earthquakes should consider storing documents offsite.

By now many people thought computers would help office workers generate less paper each year. Since paper is continually being generated, more effective means of storage must be found. In the past, copying documents to film was the answer, but the idea to scan microfiche and microfilm has provided more options. Documents are stored electronically saving physical space and the effort necessary to manually search through boxes and shelves. Also, digital imaging tends to preserve the quality of printed material for a long time.


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