Planning For A Microfiche Conversion To Digital Format

People who have microfiche files stored on a microfiche reader machine are many times looking for a system for microfiche conversion to digital format. The microfiche readers are very bulky and having the images stored digitally is much more convenient.

One of the surest ways to do this is simply use a digital camera and take a picture of each image. Once the images are in the camera it is a simple process to transfer them to a digital storage device. This takes a fairly long time especially if there are quite a few images to process. There is also the possibility that the images may not be as clear as one would like base on camera angles and lighting. A good digital camera to use would be one that has a 0 distance macro lense.

Another method for microfiche conversion to digital would be to scan the film onto a scanner. This again can be a lengthy process as each each image would be scanned one at a time. More continuity might be achieved this way because the image would be flat on the scanner with each image. The lighting would be uniform as the film would be flush on the glass of the scanner.

There are reader machines that can convert the image directly to a digital format. Obtaining the use of such a device would solve the issue. The purchase of a reader like this may not be justified unless there are a very large number of images to process. Or if a person would decide that perhaps one would like to turn this process into a side job or even full time then the consideration of such a purchase could be justified.

The best solution would be to hire a professional. If an honest comparison of the process is examined there is no contest. After all this is what the professional does for a living. By the time a person snaps the pictures or scans the film there is still the risk that an error could occur. The sheer organizational task could be a fertile field for errors.

Consequently the best system for the microfiche conversion to digital format is to enlist the assistance of someone who really knows what they are doing. The professional performs the tasks to make the conversion of the microfiche files every day and surely has things very well organized and automated. The cost is probably very small in comparison of the value of time spent and the result will be easily accomplished.

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