Aperture Card Scanning
Hollerith code capture
Grayscale or bi-level
UP TO 800 dpi resolution
Output to Tiff, PDF, JPG Etc.

Document Scanning Microfilm Scanning Aperture Card Scanning Services

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Author: christopher

Plenty of time gets consumed in in-house data management in most offices even though none of these are core activities for any type of business. Instead of using dedicated human resources for such activities, it makes business sense to let a professional handle them so that the business owner can concentrate on the business. Letting a professional manage data management including Document Scanning, Microfilm Scanning, Aperture card scanning etc can help business owners in streamlining business processes.

Document Scan

Storing loads of documents under one roof invariably requires too much storage space hampering efficient utilization of the limited space available. In addition to that, retrieval of documents at the time of need might not be too easy as one may have to look in a potentially large storage space. This can consume a serious chunk of time at each instant data retrieval is desired.

To do away with this time consuming practice, documents can be scanned and their digital version can be conveniently stored in a server. A server is much more secure and can be accessed in a much easier manner than physically stored documents.

Microfilm Scanning

Ever wondered how do large libraries cope up with storage of huge volume of newspapers, magazines and periodicals coming in almost every day? Storing each of these could require them building an infinitely large storage room that fills every other bit of paper which comes their way. This is not a perfect practice as libraries, hospitals, printing presses etc tend to have such important information that they can ill-afford to get damaged owing to improper storage. So, what is the solution then? The answer to this million-dollar question is a microfilm.

Critical information such bank documents, engineering drawings, blueprints, newspaper prints and hospital records and so on special material known as microfilm. A special camera is employed for taking pictures of these documents and storing them on microfilms. A mind-boggling 99% compression of the documents can be achieved by a microfilm! Add to it the advantage of saving stupendously large storage space and this technique becomes indispensable for those requiring large storage space.

A microfilm can last beyond hundreds of years without suffering any loss of quality. For accessing contents of the microfilm, a machine akin to a microscope is employed. It displays the information of the film on a screen and can be comfortably read by the users.

Aperture card scanning

Another way of facilitating convenient document storage is with the help of inch-sized aperture cards. These cards carry information with the help of punches and a microfilm chip mounted over these. Large volume inexpensive data storage can be achieved with the help of these cards. These cards can be easily distributed as well, making them pretty useful for data storage purposes.

Aperture cards can be stored for over 100 years without risk and can be read congenially. Storage cost per aperture card is pretty low and hovers around less than half a dollar. Factors like DPI or the manner of indexing required can come into picture and might inflict slight variation of overall cost.

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