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Finding Providers To Scan Microfiche Microfilm Aperture Cards And Documents

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There’s a lot of demand for service providers who can scan microfiche microfilm aperture cards and documents. The main concern is that all the data has to be digitized for easy storage and access via the client’s current IT setup. Documents aside, the rest of the demand is mostly from government agencies and large businesses from specific sectors.

Many of these organizations have infrastructure only for the formats mentioned above. They need external help for digitization of the data and documents. This is the only way the data contained can be compatible with modern front-end software and computing systems which the agencies now have access to.

Note that some agencies have modernized their data entry, collection and recording systems. But even these still have warehouses full of legacy microfiche, microfilm and aperture cards. All of it will have to be scanned, converted and indexed using high-tech digital scanners and imaging software before it can be used on the agency’s existing-day IT setup.

Local and state government departments that need such services may include the county courts which have decades and centuries of all sorts of data. This includes vital documents such as deeds and titles and court records. School districts similarly have student records, the police department has criminal records, and transportation agencies who issue licenses have driver and vehicle registration information.

Even the U. S. Department of Defense still uses aperture cards in a lot of places. They need a lot of help converting the data into a digthat usually need help with data conversion and scanning include health care companies and hospitals, insurance providers and banks.

Needless to say, a lot of this work is very critical with security concerns. It has to be handled by professionals with cutting-edge technology equipment. Agencies and businesses looking for such qualified and experienced professional service providers should keep a few things in mind.

First of all, it’s important that the provider have the setup and expertise in the format the client needs. It can be anything from a 16mm 100′ blipped roll to COM microfiche or a hollerith code aperture card. It could just as well be 35mm 215′ un-blipped film or jacket fiche or a non-hollerith aperture code.

Clients who are currently using these or other formats should look for a provider who can handle most, if not all, such formats. But either way, it’s not so hard to find the right provider. Just make sure the provider has experience handling the scanning and conversion requirements of large government agencies.